Makeup Trends To Receive The New Year

by Jaqueline Fay
March, 2019

We see the New Year as a new opportunity to shine. It’s all about personal growth, renewing ourselves and being open to change.

Heaters at home will cause dryness and dehydration. Wind, ice and extreme temperature will damage your face, whether you are skiing down a slope in Vermont or simply avoiding the black ice on your way to work.

Women express that feeling of change by getting a new hair cut or showing off a beautiful makeup. We want to tell the whole world we’re ready for anything!

Here are the key trends we saw during the final stretch of 2017 and the ones we anticipate will get the most attention beginning of 2018.

To support healthy levels of collagen and elastin, stock up on vitamin C from citrus fruits, dark leafy greens, red peppers, strawberries and sweet potatoes, as well as zinc found in pumpkin seeds, almonds and more. shares great tips to look amazing when it comes to lips, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Lips: The trendiest colors are dark, garnet, purple, and even black. If you are not crazy about those, intermediate colors are also trendy. Red and matte are still favorites.

Eyebrows: They reclaimed their leading role and are now coming back thicker and bushier than ever. The most daring show them messy. This could disrupt previous trends in 2018.

Eyelashes: If you’ve never dared to put on false eyelashes, 2018 will be the year to try them and see them as a relief to save you time as you juggle a busy life.

Invisible makeup: Very black cat eye style is in. Purple and dark green, great colors to mix and match as you want to play with other colors.

A killing ‘Eye Liner’: Out with the old – makeup that clogs the pores – and in with the new – “NO MAKE UP”. A well applied, light BB Cream, or a very light and subtle corrector are enough.

Say NO to Contouring: Layers and layers of makeup is out. 2018 style is natural with a lot of life and light.

Strobbing is the new Contouring:Illuminate the points of light with most impact. Consider the pearly tones for the day and the golds at night.

Bright shadows: Get your makeup palette out and find the pearl and metallic tones. Apply a subtle hint in the tear area and forget the brown and gray.

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