Why join the Grit + Polish club?

When I started Grit + Polish in 2016, I was on a mission to re-make the concept of a beauty salon. Foremost among my goals was to create a community of mutual support. A successful community requires a core membership of people who return regularly to renew their connection to each other and to a special place. That’s why I’m creating the Grit + Polish Membership Club.

The membership Club is designed to encourage my loyal client to make a monthly commitment to looking good and feeling good. You’ll be rewarded not only with a sense of connection but also discounts and birthday presents!. Every member of the Grit + Polish Membership Club will receive up to 20% off on salon services, plus a fantastic basket of retail items in their birthday month.

Join our club today at a cost of $90 per month and receive services valued at $110 or more every month-plus that fantastic birthday basket for your birthday containing retail products worth more than $50.



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