Pedicures for LeBron, The Shaq, and YOU!

by J Fay
September, 2019

Professional athletes have learned that pedicures are not just a luxury cosmetic service—they improve foothealth and athletic performance. It’s true for non-pros, too, including suburban joggers, tennis players, andgym rats.

That’s why we’ve designed two amazing Athletic Pedicures for clients of Grit + Polish. BE SURE TOSHARE THIS NEWS with all the athletes in YOUR life!

This year, an in-depth article in the Washington Post, “Why NBA Players Love Pedicures,” quotes thepresident of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and the team podiatrist for theWashington Wizards, Howard Osterman:

  “Taking care of their feet is one of the most important things these guys can do. There was a stigma for along time where guys didn’t go get pedicures, and then guys like Shaq and Dwyane Wade and LeBron,they made it popular. And you know what? If the stars can do it, then it’s okay. So, it’s really gotten better.”

Athletes are susceptible to having serious problems with calluses and nails, including ingrown nails, dueto the heavy use of feet and toes in athletic activities. Athletes are often embarrassed about theappearance of their feet, and reluctant to seek professional help. They should follow the example of formerNBA great Shaquille O’Neil and get help.

G+P owner Jacqueline Fay says she is excited about her new Athletic Pedicures “Fitness and athletics arehuge parts of the Princeton lifestyle, which means there are hundreds of men and women who could enjoybetter foot health and athletic performance if they would give it a try,” said Fay.

Like all pedicures, the new ones provide cuticle care, nail filing, callus work according to your needs, hottowels, plus:

  • Athletic Pedicure: Enjoy a luxurious four-salt foot soak with a blend of Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt,evaporated sea salt, and mineral salt, providing relief for tired legs and feet. The salts also helpheal fungus and ingrown nails, soothe dry skin, and address foot odor. The soak is followed by athorough exfoliation with a Peppermint-Rosemary Salt Scrub that is cooling, refreshing, andinvigorating—a refreshing boost after exertion. Finally, legs and feet are massaged deeply with amuscle and joint therapeutic massage gel-ideal for sore joints and aching muscles. Botanicalextracts of arnica, boswellia, and devil’s claw combined with essential oils of eucalyptus,wintergreen, and Balsam of Peru all work together to assist in fast recovery.
  • CBD Athletic Pedicure: Clients tell us they are delighted with the relief and comfort they receivefrom from new skincare products containing Cannabidiol, a natural ingredient drawn fromhemp. Enjoy a CBD eucalyptus & peppermint foot soak with essential minerals and aromaticessential oils. Relaxed skin is exfoliated with a CBD infused sugar scrub leaving skin soft andmoisturized. Legs and feet are massaged with pure CBD Body Massage Lotion and Pure CBDFoot Cream-a sole-soothing formula that blends phytonutrient-rich CBD with essential oils tosoothe discomfort from too much time on your feet. We finish with CBD Relief Spray-a coolingcombination of phytonutrient-rich CBD, menthol and camphor oil.

This Fall, why not start the new athletic season with healthy feet and attractive yoga toes? Call us today tobook your first Athletic Pedicure with Grit + Polish, and share this message with the athletes in your life!

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