by Jaqueline Fay
March, 2019

Is there a teen in your life who struggles with acne? This is the perfect time to get a young person on a path to clearer and healthier skin before school starts this fall.

First you should understand what causes acne breakouts. Acne is caused by a build-up of oil, dead skin cells, and the acne causing bacteria P. acnes trapped in the pore. Additionally, those who experience adult acne are likely seeing it as a result of hormonal fluctuations.

At Grit + Polish we offer a Clinical Acne Treatment featuring PCA products. A therapeutic facial focused on congested, acne-prone, skin in need of extractions followed by an anti-bacterial high frequency treatment to correct and prevent blemishes.

Our Senior Aesthetician Christiane “Chris” Faria de Paula has two decades of experience, and a bedside manner that will reassure every teen. She offers the following great advice.


OVER EXFOLIATE. Keep your teen’s skincare routine simple: Cleanser, toner (one without alcohol), moisturizer, and spot treatment.

SWITCH UP PRODUCTS TOO OFTEN. They reclaimed their leading role and are now coming back thicker and bushier than ever. The most daring show them messy. This could disrupt previous trends in 2018.

TOUCH YOUR FACE. If your teen is a chronic face-toucher keeping their hands away from their skin will absolutely help improve their skin.


WATCH WHAT SHE EATS. VYour teen should avoid spicy foods and drink plenty of water.

KEEP YOUR TEEN’S SKIN CARE REGIMENT SIMPLE.Look for products with a mix of Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinol, and Niacinamide. At Grit+ Polish we have available for retail the PCA Acne Kit.

WASH FACE LAST. When it comes to bathing, many of us use conditioner as the last step. For acne-prone skin this is one of the worst things. Conditioner leaves a filmy substance on skin that will cause sensitive, acneic types to breakout. Therefore, cleansing the face – and back – should be the last thing your teen does before turning off the water.

MOISTURIZE. The idea that acne-prone skin doesn’t need moisturizer is a myth. In fact, that usually causes the skin to overcompensate and create more oil, causing more breakouts. Instead, choose a very gentle, oil-free cream that hydrates without adding any active ingredients that could irritate the problem.

SPOT TREATMENT. Have your teen apply spot treatments before full-face treatments. This allows for better penetration of the potent ingredients in acne spot treatments. At Grit+ Polish we have available for retail PCA Acne Gel for spot treatments.

CHANGE PILLOWCASES DAILY. Pillowcases can house dirt and oil that can get into your teen’s pores as they sleep, leading to breakouts.

PRACTICE SUN SAFETY. The sun can really damage their skin (as can tanning beds). Make sure she wears a product with SPF in it every day.

CLEAN CELLPHONE CASE EVERY WEEK. Cellphones are covered with bacteria and dirt, which is then transferred to our faces when we press our phones to our ear.

WASH MAKEUP BRUSHES WEEKLY. If your teen doesn’t have a makeup brush cleaner, she can use facial wash to clean her brushes instead.

CLEANSER IN LOCKER. Have your teen keep a cleanser or cleansing cloth in their locker at school or in their sports bag so they can clean their faces following exercise or sports practices.

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