The Real Danger Behind Picking At Your Manicure

by Jaqueline Fay
March, 2019

Bad habits are easy to collect and difficult to get rid of.

It’s safe to say that some bad habits are too obvious to ignore. Being aware of them should stop us. Knowing that we are willingly engaging in a bad habit should be enough to make us change our minds and alter our actions. It isn’t. These pesky habits can persist and hold us hostage even after we’re well aware that it’s time to break the cycle and move on with our lives.

A common example of this is picking at your gel manicure.

I know this might be a sensitive area for some. It just feels right when your fingers meet that little edge, allowing you to peel away the remnants of the chipped polish layer, as if to punish it for throwing off your look. Trust me when I say that I am in the trenches with you, but it’s time that we face the raw, shredded surfaces of our poor nail beds.

The general image of a nail after the time has been taken to peel away a gel coat should be enough for us all to worry. It’s pretty silly when you consider the fact that it could have been avoided.

You look away, of course. You justify peeling off the rest or maybe remove it the right way for once out of guilt, and then you cover up the desecrated remains of your once luscious keratin territory with a deceptively bright color to hide away the shame brought forth by your actions.


Now, let’s talk about what actually happens when we peel off that gel manicure. We are literally ripping off layers of cells. That’s right. The fabric of our nails gets torn into sharp, uneven pieces that permanently alter the structural integrity of the nail. That means it might grow back in a way where it’s uneven and misshapen all because we decided to pick at our polish in a brief moment of weakness.

This can even result in the nail being torn all the way through, exposing the delicate cells underneath. It hurts, and it can get infected.

So, be kind to your nails.

Our nails are a part of the body that we don’t really consider until something bad happens, but we should treat them better than that. A little preparation really does go a long way.

Make the decision to stop before you pick at that polish next time. If it chips, then that means you should be going to a professional to have it removed and replaced. If you want, you can even do it by yourself at home if you have that kind of magic.

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