Want a Smooth and Silky Skin? These Tips will Give It to You

by Jaqueline Fay
March, 2019

Everybody wants to have a smooth and silky skin but not everyone knows how to go about getting it. That is why in this article, we are going to be sharing some secret skin care tips that will ensure that your skin becomes smooth, silky, and glowing.

The first important thing you need to know is that the kind of lifestyle and skin care routine you engage in will determine how good your skin will look. In order to ensure that your skin gets that radiant softness you wish for, you need to make your skin clean. Doing this will ensure that you don’t encounter skin problems such as blackheads and pimples.

Now back to the secrets we promised to share with you, all you really need is a little effort and some few easy-to-get products. Follow this routine we are about to show you and your skin be smooth, soft, and silky in no time. Without further ado, here we go.

CLEAN AND EXFOLIATE: This is one of the most important steps to having a smooth and silky skin. Wash your face twice (preferably morning and night) with a soap-free cleanser. This will help you remove the dirt and oil that have accumulated on your face during the night while you were asleep, and during the day when you have undergone the stress of your daily routine. Also, ensure that you take off all your makeup before going to bed. A lot of us get home tired, weary, and sleepy. But it’s really important that you take your time to clean off your makeup.

Makeup products contain oils and chemicals that can cause harm to our skin if left unchecked. The easiest way to cleanse your face is by using a face wipe. Using wipes eliminates the use of a make-up remover. If you are someone with dry skin, or your skin is being over-dried due to washing, you can mix water and gram flour then apply it to your face. Exfoliating your skin is really important as it will help you remove every dead skin cell on your face, leaving you with a soft and beautiful face.

STEAM: Steaming is one of the most underrated skin care routines. When you steam, you open your skin’s pores removing every impurity that has been locked deep into your skin. Doing this will make your skin clear and glowing. Clogged pores are the reasons why blackheads occur. When you steam, you’ll soften your skin’s pores thereby making it easy to pop the blackheads. Steaming also helps you reproduce healthy skin cells by boosting your blood circulation.

CUCUMBER AND MILK CLEANSER: Cumber and milk are skin essentials a lot of people do not use. Cucumber has a special, cooling effect on the skin while milk is endowed with natural lipids that help moisturize the skin. Cucumber also helps restore the natural pH of your skin. Extract the cucumber juice, mix it with the milk, and apply it to your face. Let it be on your face for fifteen minutes then rinse and you’ll get a nice glowing skin.

Rich in lactic acid, protein, and different enzymes that will cleanse and sooth your skin, yogurt has been in use for a very long time. In fact, the use of yogurt can be traced back to the Greek empire. When combined with lemon and honey, yogurt can be a really effective and moisturizing exfoliating mask. This simple product can remove dead skin cells and help with the production of new cells. With just one tablespoonful of yogurt, you can get a glowing and smooth skin in no time if applied regularly.

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