Which Nail Type Are You?

by Jaqueline Fay
March, 2019

Before you start thinking about the next perfect polish, it is important – and also fun! – to recognize which nail type you are.

Everyone has a different shape and texture, and thanks to an article published by Glamour magazine, we learned few tips to quickly identify your type and best polish to protect them… as well as to spoil them.

Short or long, texture is the best indicator to determine if you have healthy, thin or brittle nails.

Healthy nails: If your nails are healthy, your polish may last around five days. To keep them beautiful, apply a lemon and garlic base. This will make them more moistened and free of stains.

Thin nails: Easily split, most of the time in the lateral fold of the nail, the polish can last less than five days. Nourish them with a base of keratin to stimulate their growth, protect against wear and make them stronger.

Brittle nails: This is fragile type and you can recognize it by the layers rising on the edge of the tips. They also have a dry and opaque look. The polish lasts one to three days tops. An antistatic base with hardening formula is best, and preferably, the formula must be free of toluene, a chemical that causes important damage.

Short or Long, Stilettos or Ballerina Look?
Short nails have become very popular, both in the US and Europe. This boyish trend is very easy to master. However, depending on the type, they still need attention, care, and the right kind of polish or treatment to keep them healthy.

For those who prefer longer nails, inspiration is key. The sky is the limit if you choose from the stilettos or ballerina looks. If you want a chic, and at the same time, elegant expression, go for the pointed heel look of the stilettos. If you would like your nails to be the center of attention, choose the oval with flat tips style of the ballerina trend.

Whichever style you choose, show your nails some love, be creative and have fun!

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